Accelerating the Decentralised Financial Data Ecosystem

DIA Labs is a grants program run by the DIA Association to fund and support innovative projects that connect the DeFi ecosystem with trusted data.

About DIA Labs

DIA Labs aims to accelerate the development of the DeFi ecosystem, by providing financial and operational support to individuals, teams and organisations that develop open-source or proprietary modules creating utility for the wider DeFi and DIA ecosystem.

In the ‘Tooling’ track, DIA Labs supports projects that aim to develop projects and code for the benefit of the entire community. All tooling projects’ IP and code will be made available free and open-source.
In the ‘Acceleration’ track, DIA Labs supports proprietary projects that add value to the DeFi and the DIA ecosystems in and of themselves. Acceleration projects may range from smaller monetisable products to full blown platforms.

Why You Should Apply

To fast track the development of your idea, DIA Labs will support builders with funding of up to USD250.000, hands-on operational support through our team and veteran mentors and last but not least, access to our network of partners and talent in the wider DeFi and crypto ecosystem.

DIA provides funding to achieve the milestones on your roadmap and back your project’s path to launch.
Our mentor network will support you on all levels, from strategy and comms to product and tech.
Leverage DIA’s community and ecosystem network to get awareness and traction for your endeavour.

How to Participate

To evaluate whether your idea is a fit, we designed a simple but rigid screening process. After a quick and easy application form, we will arrange deep dive sessions to further evaluate and plan your projects, before going into execution.


Submit an application for your vision or project. We screen all submissions for potential fit.

Deep dive

If there is a fit, we will arrange deep dive sessions into product, tech, marketing and strategy.


Define your roadmap, milestones and how you will leverage the DIA grant for your vision.


After finalising agreements you can begin execution of your strategy with the help of our team.

Selection Criteria

Projects applying for a DIA Labs grant should ideally meet a set of criteria in terms of their product, team and status to ensure a good fit with the goals of the program and a positive outcome:

Teams can be anyone from existing large or small companies to associations or research groups to startups to individual builders. Experience in web3 product development and any other required domain knowledge is a must as well as the required availability to execute on the roadmap.

Projects ideally provide benefits for sourcing and validation of data, use DIA feeds or enable adoption. A working MVP or a roadmap and understanding of resource needs, as well as a clear monetisation strategy and/or provide an open-source addition to the DeFi ecosystem are beneficial.

DIA Labs Project Wishlist

DIA Labs is open for any and all suggestions. While we provide loose guidance on the criteria that should be met and are awaiting your innovative project ideas, there are topics that we we would be excited to see tackled.

Below is an overview of projects that we envision will have a significant value add for the DeFi ecosystem. Reach out to us if you are working on something similar or if you would like to start work on one of the following projects:

DeFi Products

Lending products based on DIA oracles

Apply now

Comparison portal for DeFi products

Apply now

Lending rate comparison browser plugin

Apply now

Derivatives for traditional and digital assets

Apply now

Index Products

Apply now

Automated Market maker using DIA

Apply now


Data-driven rating portal for projects and coins

Apply now

Midfid 2 reporting Oracle system

Apply now


Oracle portability modules

Apply now

Cross-chain data sourcing

Apply now

NFT compatible Oracle module

Apply now

Reverse tokenisation adapter

Apply now


Oracle based blockchain proxy for DAO automation/delegation

Apply now

DAO reporting oracles

Apply now

Intra-chain governance module

Apply now

DIA Labs Mentors

Tamar Menteshashvil

Tamar is a legal professional and Crypto industry insider. She is currently working at Binance with the Strategy & Business Development focus. Tamar is also a PhD candidate in Law at Shanghai University. She has been an active contributor as a mentor to industry-specific accelerator programs in different jurisdictions.

She is currently a mentor at Outlier Venture’s Base Camp and ZILHIVE Accelerator. In 2019 she joined “Forbes 30 Under 30” list under the Technology category.


Simon Dedic

Despite his biochemistry background, blockchain has always caught Simon’s interest since early 2017. Roughly 2 years ago he swapped his PhD for a career in crypto. After co-founding Blockfyre, a research house focused on token-based Blockchain projects, Simon co-founded Moonrock Capital, a VC focused on crypto investments, under which he then built an accelerator arm over time.

As of today, Simon’s strongest focus lies in fundamental analysis and the incubation of early-stage cryptocurrency projects.


Eric Wang

Eric is the Ecosystem Development Lead at Parity Technologies. He oversees Polkadot and Substrate Ecosystem Growth, including lead-gen, conversion, and multiple other endeavours to increase Substrate’s ecosystem reach.

Prior to this, he co-founded Archon, a decentralised cloud startup, where he led BD and a $2.1M seed round. Eric also has experience in institutional blockchain investments. Eric left his Chemistry PhD program at Stanford to pursue a career in blockchain, and has a MS from Stanford and BS from UCLA.


Charlotte Kapoor

Prior to working at Outlier Ventures Charlotte worked at a range of different marketing agencies, ranging from large network agencies to growing start-ups.

As head of Strategic Partnerships at Outlier Ventures, Charlotte is responsible for building the profile of Outlier Ventures by strengthening the connectedness in the community of participants in their ecosystem.


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